Strawberry Patch
During our strawberry patch season, we are typically open every day, 7 days a week, from 7AM to 7PM.   PLEASE CALL BEFORE COMING!

In case of inclement weather, we reserve the right to suspend strawberry picking in our field for both your safety, and ours.  Rain received the night before, or during the day, will not prevent strawberry picking.  Severe storms, thunder and/or lightening will suspend field activity until the threat has passed.
After arriving at our farm, you will be furnished with containers for strawberry picking.  Our row flagging system will guarantee that you will be placed into a row that will be full of bountiful berries.  When you are finished, we will weigh your strawberries and place them into cardboard flats for transporting.   We have June berries, so our season can run anywhere from 7 to 21 days!  Get them while you can!  The season comes and goes in a hurry!  We also incorporate and adhere to environmentally sound practices and sustainable cultural methods of production.  This leads to a healthy, and high quality product for you!  We annually rotate our fields from strawberries to cover crops to eliminate potential diseases and pests, while building organic matter and feeding beneficial soil organisms - leading to the "berry" best strawberries found!  Our fields are 1st Class - clean, straw mulched, with plentiful fruit, well managed and supervised.

Our site is updated daily during the strawberry season, and will include picking information for the next day/date as soon as we have information so you can plan your visit.

Email us ( if you would like to receive a postcard (or personal email) every year when the season opens so you'll never miss out!

Contact us at 877-737-5442, or locally at
320-837-5442 if you have any questions. 
We always enjoy hearing from our customers!  If our toll free line doesn't work....let us know ASAP!  We will always have that number and local number also!  (and won't be going out of business either)
30063 370TH ST  MELROSE, MN   320-837-5442   Toll-Free  877-737-5442